General information

Civil Code of Ukraine of January 16th 2003, Chapter 36

Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" of December 15th 1993

Resolution of the Cabinet Council of Ukraine «On State Registration of Copyright and Copyright Related Contracts» of December 27th, 2001

The Title of Protection: Certificate.

© + The author's name + The year of first publication - copyright (англ. «Copyright») - is placed on the original and every copy of work for the purpose of information about the author's rights.

The Legal Protection applies exclusively to the expression of work, and is granted with regard to all the original works, published as well as unpublished, completed and not completed, irrespectively of their intended purpose, genre, aim.

1) The right to claim authorship on his work and the right to have his name mentioned in case of any use of work, where it is practically possible;

2) The right to prevent the use of his or her name in case of any use of work;

3) The right of being mentioned under the chosen pseudonym for the purpose of any use of work;

4) The right of integrity of work, and the right to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of work; the right to counteract to any infringement that can affect the author's dignity or reputation.

1) the right of exploitation of work;

2) the exclusive right to authorize the exploitation of work;

3) the right to prevent and to prohibit the unauthorized exploitation of work;

4) other economic rights, as sut up by the law.

  • the publication of work (to offer to the public or to put in circulation);
  • the reproduction of work in any manner or form;
  • the translation;
  • the adaptation, arrangement or other alteration of work;
  • the inclusion as a part of compilation of works, database, anthology, encyclopedia and other collection of works..;
  • the public performance and communication to public;
  • the public demonstration and public display;
  • any repeated promulgation of works, if carried out by an organization other than the one that carried out the first promulgation;
  • distribution of originals and copies of works by first sale or other transfer of ownership, lease or rental, and by other transfer prior to the first sale of copies of a work;
  • the making available to public;
  • the rental or lending after the first sale;
  • the import of copies of works.
  • the author – only the natural person whose creative activity has resulted in creation of work;
  • the author's successors – the persons that has obtained the economic rights on exploitation of work upon the death of the author;
  • the transferees of rights – the natural or legal persons having obtained the economic rights on exploitation of work by means of contractual transfer of rights.
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